Genteel Painless Lancet Pen + GlucoSure Blood Glucose Monitor Package

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To experience painless blood collection and rapid blood glucose measurement, the set includes Genteel painless blood lancet pen with patented “butterfly” blood sampling technology and GlucoSure blood glucose meter that can complete the test and read the blood glucose index in 6 seconds, so that you can avoid the fear of acupuncture and pain, and quickly measure blood glucose level while taking blood comfortably. Self-monitoring of changes in blood sugar.

Genteel Gentle vacuum lancer | Painless Lancet Pen | Suitable for 12 body parts

USA Brand

Genteel Gentle vacuum lancer | Painless Lancet Pen |

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Genteel Butterfly Touch Lancets (100’S)

USA Brand
Can be used together with Genteel Lancing Device

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GlucoSure Blood Glucose Monitor Set (Device+Lancets x100+Test Strips x100)

Taiwan Brand
Finishes the test in 6 seconds

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