Research showed that 10% of Hong Kong people suffer from different degree of hearing loss, including elderly, adult, children or even infant. Prevalence of portable music devices made the above problem appears at a younger age. Hearing loss in adult mainly caused by deterioration of functional capacity, or occupational need (over-exposure to noise).

If hearing loss is moderate or severe, patients may feel difficult to communicate in daily life. As hearing loss is a slow progress, symptoms are not easy to be observed at early stage. When hearing ability is deteriorating, one would forget various types of sounds gradually. Therefore, we should be attentive to details in daily life in order to know more about our hearing ability.

If you doubt that your family and friends might have hearing loss problem, you may found two or above symptoms as below:

  1. Could not hear voice with acoustic frequency clearly, such as doorbell rang, ringtone, female’s/ children’s voice
  2. Difficult to hear what people say in noisy environment, such as in restaurant, concert hall or store
  3. Feeling that others talking in muttered and unclear voice
  4. Understand the others’ words only after asked for repeating the words several times
  5. Family member often complain about the volume of TV/radio is too loud
  6. Could not grasp the content in the phone conversation effectively
  7. Could not hear someone else calling you behind you
  8. Difficult to follow what people say in meeting or group discussion
  9. Difficult to hear when others speak in your back and places which is farer

Hearing  assessment and hearing aid consulting service
Corporate with Siemens Hearing Aid Professional Hearing Centres, we offer professional hearing assessment service in Tai Koo store and provide latest basic and professional model Siemens Hearing Aid.

Pure-tone Audiometry, PTA
PTA is used to identify hearing threshold levels of an individual, enabling determination of the degree, type and configuration of a hearing loss. Types of hearing loss include: conductive, sensorineural or mixed.

Choosing other hearing aid devices/ gadgets


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