1 out every 10 Hong Kong people suffer from pain¹
Experiencing pain makes life tougher. At least 10% of Hong Kong people suffer from constant pain, which means 1 out every 10 people having pain according to researches. Since aging population is becoming more severe in Hong Kong, it is expected that citizens aged 60 or above would be increased to 30% of the population in 2030.Besides, People suffering from pain was estimated to be account for 37% of the population, which should not be neglected or ignored. The needs for treatments and medications are increasing according to this circumstance.

Constant pain affects daily life severely 
As reported by Hospital Authority, there are:
1. Daily activities of 70% of patients were affected
2. 38% of patients could not do their job well as many of them were applying sick leave
3. 71% of patients experience anxiety or depression, or both of them
4. 47% of patients suffer from moderate to serious anxiety disorder
5. 43% of patients suffer from moderate to serious depression.

In this case, the mood and sleep of constant pain patients are serious disrupted, which indicated that the symptoms pose devastating effects on their quality of life.

Ways to deal with constant pain:

The prevalence of chronic pain among Hong Kong citizens, such as neck pain, low back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, plantar fasciitis, needs our attention. People often do not know how to treat with pain symptoms. Therefore, misunderstandings are derived from lack of medical knowledge, for instance mistakenly belief of “if one takes rest, he/she would be recovered from pain”, or “one just kills pain by injection”. In fact, there are numerous products which could help relieve pain:

  1. Ultrasonic: Anti-inflammatory, analgesic, promote soft tissue healing. Ultrasound is suitable for treating tendonitis
  2. TENS: Trigger release of endorphins, which used for relieving pains, such as tension headache, dysmenorrhea, knee pain, shoulder pain, low back pain, Rheumatoid arthritis etc..
  3. Muscle stimulation: Relieves muscle cramp, enhances muscles’ functional mobility and fatigue-resistant
  4. Traction Device: Stretch muscles, reduce muscle stress, alleviate pain
  5. Apply hot packing: Heat is transmitted to muscles and joints, enhance facilitating blood circulation. Anti-inflammatory, relieve pain and reduce muscle stress

Find the most suitable treatment for you

With a whole new medical concept, specialists in Pain treatment Centre assist patients with constant pain to find the most suitable treatments to relieve pain.

¹10個港人1個有痛症 ; 東方日報; 2015年2月3日