Researches showed that if one is stressed or carrying load, the body would generate numerous compensatory reactions in response to the pressure on foot. Most of the compensatory reactions would lead to uneven distribution of foot pressure. Prolonged inappropriate gesture would affect the foot structure, or may even cause several diseases.

Categorization system in Healthy foot Centre could help clients to choose the most suitable orthotic insoles according to their foot arch, position of clavus, shape of foot, angle of inclination etc.. Without putting oneself in a plaster cast, orthotic insoles are made with scientific statistic obtained from the latest software, which is completely contrasting with traditional insoles as to meet the biological structure of different clients. Not only could achieve brilliant orthotic functions, orthotic insoles is just half of the cost in compare with tailor-made orthotic insoles. According to clinical researches and data, foot shape is categorized to 6 types. Accompanied by orthotic technology, Healthy foot Centre provide the best mechanical correction to every single type of foot shape, which would alleviate numerous foot problem as below:

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